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We told you so, Kenyans taunt Jubilee on laptop project

By Mwende Kassuja February 25th, 2019 2 min read

The suspension of issuance of tablets to Class One pupils has reminded Kenyans how they had opposed the programme at the start of its implementation.

Online users on Monday wrote how they had proposed computer laboratories in schools instead of the tablets, which is what the government has now turned to after the failed experimentation with the tablets.

The initial promise was to issue all Class One pupils with laptops in an effort to boost digital literacy, but tablets were distributed instead due to cost implications.

Seven years later, the Ministry of Education has quietly accepted that the laptop project failed, with Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang over the weekend saying construction of computer laboratories is the second phase of the programme.

Online, Kenyans reminded government how they proposed laboratories back in 2016 and they were ignored.

Asamoh wrote; “2016 I was against the laptop project. Instead I suggested the construction of computer labs. I was bashed by 36 bloggers led by @Itsmutai and his gang. Today, Jubilee has abandoned the project and building computer labs. At times we mean well on our policy suggestions.”

Mike Muhanga added; “Kenya has been on autopilot since 2013. It has taken Jubilee 7 years to understand what those people initially opposed to the schools laptop project were saying.”

Timothy Cheruiyot stated; “PR impressions doesn’t last, Jubilee laptops project was merely PR issue, not well thought of. Jubilee gov’t is a trash.”

Lawi Kiprotich questioned; “How many people suggested the building of computer labs right from the beginning? This government has failed its young people.”

Bruce Onyango wrote; “This is what happens when no public participation in Public projects, If only assessment on our needs were done, Laptop project could be a success, It was just a campaign tool in 2013.”

Mose Mwas added; “Woi! This PR govt will have it rough, imagine after 10 year and no legacy will be left, hata the one tulidanganywa ya STADIUM..?”

Felix Malombe stated; “This also won’t work, as long as they do not train on pedagogical ICT Integration to teachers, do not provide technicians in ICT Support for Education and they do not involve the teachers in the project implementation. Pedagogy first, Technology second.”