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We, Ugandans, eat grasshoppers, not locusts, Joy Doreen Biira tells KOT

Are they food or not? This is the question the online community wants to know after the invasion of desert locust in the country.

A discussion that has compelled former TV news anchor Joy Doreen Biira to step in and defend herself and her people in Uganda.

This after numerous trolls emerged on social media, where netizens had a field day coming up with hilarious jokes of why the insects would never fly to the neighbouring country because they are a common delicacy in their meals.

But Biira responded by explaining that Ugandans eat the green grasshopper whose scientific name is Ruspolia Nitidula and not the desert locust.

“One last time… the grasshoppers eaten by Ugandans are far different from the locusts that have invaded parts of Kenya… okay? We the grasshopper eating Ugandans shall call for dissolving of EAC if this “locusts are eaten by Ugandans” continues. Edible grasshopper’s scientific name is Ruspolia Nitidula the ones that have invaded parts of Kenya are being likened to these,” tweeted Ms Biira.

However Kenyans on Twitter were relentless in their pursuit of creating more memes.