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Wetangula woos Yemeni investors

By Mercy Simiyu October 18th, 2023 2 min read

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has urged Yemeni investors to come and do business in the country.

During a recent address, Wetangula assured the Yemeni government that Kenya is fully committed to providing the necessary support to ensure the success and growth of Yemeni businesses within its borders.

Wetangula further underlined the historical and strategic significance of the Kenya-Yemen relationship, particularly within the context of maritime trade.

He noted Yemen’s unique location, as the gateway to the Red Sea, positions it as a pivotal custodian of critical trade routes to Europe, fostering close ties with Kenya.

The Speaker also highlighted Kenya’s policy to engage with Middle East allies, recognizing the potential for trade partnerships and the substantial consumer base for Kenyan exports, including coffee and tea. Even when not consumed in Yemen, these commodities serve as vital transshipment points to reach other markets.

‘Our nations share a profound historical legacy and converging interests, particularly within the realm of maritime trade. Yemen’s strategic location as the gatekeeper to the Red Sea effectively positions them as custodians and overseers of pivotal trade routes and pathways to Europe,” said Wetangula.

“Kenya has adopted a policy to engage our Middle East allies, recognizing the significance of trade partnership and their substantial consumer base for our exports of coffee and tea. Even when these commodities aren’t utilized in Yemen, they serve as transshipment junctures to other markets. As Yemen proceeds along the path of stabilization, I am positive that there will be a robust partnership across both the executive and legislative levels in areas of common interest for the two nations,” he added.

He encouraged the people of Yemen to invest in Kenya, particularly in the realm of food production and the establishment of trading hubs within the country. Such collaborations are expected to create economic opportunities and employment prospects for both nations.

“I implore the people of Yemen to invest in Kenya, collaborate in food production, and establish trading hubs within our country. Such synergies will create economic opportunities and employment prospects for our people,” he said.
President William Ruto’s administration is keen to position Kenya as the ultimate business hub for all global investors.

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