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What you should consider before posting your lover on social media

What excuse have you ever been told by a lover about not posting you on social media? I bet a line like “I am a very private person” resonates rather deeply.

Who doesn’t like being posted? I think not one soul would confidently say that they don’t like being posted, unless, of course, they are running an underground drug mob. Then I would definitely believe that they don’t want their identity or business put up on social media for the world to see.

Nothing warms one’s heart like getting a notification on your phone that you have been tagged by your boo, only to click on it and find that it’s your photo hanging all so gracefully on their page with a sweet caption accompanying the beautiful post.

However, following so many relationship scandals that have been “caused” by social media, many people have come to believe that posting their lover on social media only breeds trouble.

No one wants to post their partner or relationship anymore. A friend could be in a five-year relationship but not even know about it. Gone are the days when people would change their relationship statuses on Facebook from ‘single’ to ‘In a relationship’ so proudly. Now, nobody wants to share that kind of information on social media.

I honestly still believe in posting your significant other every so often. Believe it or not, it’s a beautiful romantic gesture that simply screams “I love you”. But I do understand the skepticism that comes with posting a lover on social media. So if you’re in doubt and need a little clarity or direction, here’s what you should consider before hitting that “share” button on your love story.

First and foremost, respect your partner’s boundaries. I know I just gave “I am a very private person” as a bad example to show how some people use excuses like privacy as a means of not having their business online, but some people are actually genuine in their preferences. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience or just prefer keeping their private life off the digital stage. It’s noble to understand and honor their wishes. You won’t feel good about it, but it’s good to respect your partner’s desires just like you’d want your own respected.

Secondly, ponder the consequences. Once it’s out there, it’s out there for good. Are you both prepared for the potential scrutiny, comments, and even unwanted attention? Take a moment to weigh the pros and cons before making your relationship status an online headline. Putting your private matters online can come with a lot of weight, and it’s good to make sure you and your lover are on the same page, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in some sort of love entanglement or triangle that will end in premium tears.

Lastly, consider the relationship itself. Does posting or not posting really define your love? The strength of a relationship isn’t measured by the number of likes or comments on a post. It’s the real, raw connection between two people that truly matters. Maybe to me, it matters a little too much, to be honest, but many people really don’t care about posts. So ask yourself how important it is to you and your partner. At the end of the day, the decision lies with two people.