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WhatsApp introduces new-verification step during fresh registration

WhatsApp is raising the bar on app security, introducing a beefed-up feature – the six-digit PIN.

Now, you can further fortify your account by setting up this PIN through two-step verification, as per the latest video released by WhatsApp.

This PIN becomes essential whenever you’re re-registering your number with WhatsApp. Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, further revealed an optional add-on – link an email address to reset the two-step verification, although you can choose to ‘Skip’ it.

“An email address is like a key to resetting your two-step verification – it’s a safety net for your account,” recommends the Meta boss.

Forgotten your PIN? Well, you’ll have to cool your heels for a week before you can reset it. But, if you’d linked an email address, you’re in luck. WhatsApp will swiftly send the reset instructions to your inbox.

A word of caution: “We don’t verify this email address. Ensure it’s accurate and within your reach.”

Want to give the PIN a miss? Navigate to Settings > Account > Two-step Verification > Disable. Easy-peasy!

WhatsApp’s May 2023 brought another game-changer – an edit feature for messages. Now, rethink, redo, and rephrase your messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. A long press on the message brings up the ‘edit’ option, and voila! Just remember, the ‘edited’ tag will accompany your altered messages, but the original version remains your secret.

In the same month, Zuckerberg made chatting even more secure and private on WhatsApp. With the introduction of ‘locked chats’, you can now secure your conversations behind a password-protected wall. Even your notifications play the secrecy game well, showing neither the sender nor the message content.

“Say hello to locked chats on WhatsApp, making your conversations extra private. They’re tucked safely in a password-protected folder, keeping the sender and message content under wraps,” Zuckerberg revealed in a post.

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