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Whiskey River Lounge announces closure after 6 years of nightlife glory

Nairobi’s vibrant nightlife is set to lose another iconic venue as Whiskey River Club, situated on Kiambu Road, declares its imminent closure after six memorable years of entertainment.

In a succinct statement, the club conveyed appreciation to its dedicated patrons, expressing, “Asanteni sana 🙏🙏🙏 Weh it’s been 6 years of Good Times and Good Energy .. The River has moved Now …” The announcement triggered a cascade of mixed emotions among revelers, reflecting on the unforgettable moments created within the establishment’s walls.

In another statement, Whiskey River invited patrons to a farewell celebration, stating, “This Saturday We welcome all our clients and friends. It’s time to celebrate the end of an era with an unforgettable all-white party. Let’s make memories to last a lifetime! #EndOfAnEra #SixYearsStrong #AllWhiteParty #ClosingCelebration #MemoriesForever.”

Loyal customers and supporters flooded social media with reactions, expressing a mix of sadness, gratitude, and nostalgia. Comments ranged from reminiscing about good times to acknowledging the end of an era for the Whiskey River Club.

User angelfranc_23 reflected on the reality of goodbyes being the most challenging, acknowledging the collective decision to move forward with applause.

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Paxtondallis praised the club’s contributions in his life and those of other revellers saying,  the legacy of Whiskey River would endure indefinitely, a testament to the indelible mark it leaves on its patrons”.

Farouqmuhammad23 reminisced about the vibrant experiences and genuine connections made at the club, expressing the intent to return and relive those fiery memories saying, “Hio tutakuja.”

Harriskam16, however, viewed the closure through a broader lens, lamenting the trend of businesses shuttering across the country.

While the club has not divulged details about whether it plans to relocate or cease operations entirely, its closure marks the end of an era for Nairobi’s nightlife scene.

This development follows the recent closure of another renowned joint, 1824, located along Lang’ata Road.

1824 shuts down four months following the freezing of assets owned by its proprietor, Wilson Nahashon Kanani.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) disclosed to an anti-corruption court that Kanani, a City Hall staffer, possessed assets worth Sh643 million on a monthly salary of only Sh55,000.

The club also experienced closure threats in 2022 after a police raid aimed at shutting down bars in residential areas.

Over the past two years, there has been a tumultuous relationship between the Nairobi County Government and certain clubs, leading to the revocation of licenses for some establishments.

As Whiskey River prepares for its final event, patrons and fans eagerly anticipate the last celebration, reflecting on the impact the club has had on Nairobi’s nightlife over the past six years.