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Who is Kate Actress’s new man? 5 quick facts about Michael Mwangi

By Diana Ngila February 18th, 2024 2 min read

Tribe Hotel General Manager Michael Mwangi has been thrust into the limelight thanks to award-winning actress Catherine Kamau who is famously known by her street moniker, Kate Actress.

Well, social media inlaws have been wanting to know more about this mystery man and well, Nairobi News has all the tea for you.

When Michael was growing his career in professional kitchens in the US, he thought it was easier being the boss, at the front, in a suit that never got greasy.

Tribe Hotel General Manager Michael Mwangi
Tribe Hotel General Manager Michael Mwangi during the interview at the Harvest Restaurant, Trademark Hotel on September 6, 2021. PHOTO | FILE

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Years on as he trades his executive chef hat for a general manager’s role in charge of a high-end hotel in Nairobi, Tribe Hotel, his perspective has changed.

“I have come to find out the front is sometimes more difficult because now you’re the face in front of the clients and the guests,” he says as we ease into an interview at the Harvest Restaurant in Trademark Hotel in Nairobi.

Michael’s cooking career spans 28 years.

His love for the hospitality industry stems from his grandfather, he told Business Daily.

“He was the gentleman that raised me when my parents were away in the US. He was an amazing cook. On weekends, I’d accompany him to his lodge where I’d help make beds and peel potatoes. Then at 10 years old, I went to the US,” he says.

“After high school, I joined Johnson and Wales University. I thought, ‘I’ll go to a school to cook and eat food samples all day, that sounds amazing!’ And that’s how I got into the industry,” he says.

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5 quick facts about Michael Mwangi a.k.a Kate Actress’s ‘Ndevu Worshiper’.

Career Journey
Michael’s career trajectory has taken him from professional kitchens in the US to a managerial role at the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, where he currently serves as the General Manager.

Shifting Perspectives
Initially, Michael believed that being the boss, away from the grease and heat of the kitchen, was easier. However, his transition to a managerial role has led him to realize the challenges of being the face in front of clients and guests.

Culinary Strategy
Michael emphasises the importance of memorable food as part of Tribe Hotel’s strategy to recover from the pandemic-induced hiatus. He acknowledges the differences in ingredients and cooking methods between the US and Kenya, adapting his approach accordingly.

Innovative Initiatives
Under Michael’s influence, Tribe Hotel has introduced initiatives such as open kitchen experiences for guests and a farm-to-table concept, utilizing fresh herbs from an on-site garden to enhance dining experiences.

Family Influence
Michael’s passion for the hospitality industry stems from his grandfather, who inspired him with his culinary skills. His 28-year career journey reflects his commitment to the industry and his continuous efforts to innovate and adapt to changing trends, such as sustainability and wellness.

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