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Why Nadia and Arrow Bwoy have taken a break from music

Kenyan songbird Nadia Mukami and her fiancé Arrow Bwoy are taking a short break from releasing songs to let the political heat in the country cool down.

The couple have promised their fans that they will bounce back after the General Election.

“Right now if you release a song it does not do well because of politics. Let it first pass,” said Nadia while responding to a fan on Instagram page.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy recently welcomed their first child, a son whom they named Haseeb Kai.

But the Maombi hitmaker surprised her fans in Meru where she pulled a huge crowd for her first-ever solo concert. She said it was the first time she was leaving her little son behind for an out-of-town show.

“History was made. I had not performed in six months. I have mom brain due to breastfeeding where I forget things and lyrics (especially during rehearsals). I had left my son for the first time (I did not sleep) just thinking what if it does not work, will it be worth it?” she said.

Nadia went on to narrate just how things almost went south before her big performance but she managed to get it back on track.

“Our venue was changed a day to the event and one of our sponsors pulled out last minute! I knew baaas no turn up at all! Bruh! But I did it! I am proud of myself! I even used in ear for the first time in my career, so amazing. I cannot wait for the next county,” the singer said.