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Winnie Odinga, Igathe tangle over ‘discrimination’ at Mama Lucy Hospital

By NAIRA HABIB December 1st, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi County Government has refuted claims by Winnie Odinga that Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital refused to treat her driver who was injured during the aborted Nasa rally on Tuesday.

Ms Odinga made the claims on her Facebook page, narrating how her driver was turned away by the hospital for being part of the National Resistance Movement that Nasa leader Raila Odinga is spearheading.

But a statement from the hospital that was shared by the Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe refuted the claims saying that the facility treated for free all those who were injured during the chaos.

The hospital further said it has records to support its position.

“This is to inform you that the hospital received 32 patients during to the Nasa demonstrations. With four of them having gunshot wounds. They were managed, treated and discharged,” said the hospital’s Medical Superintenden, Dr Musa Mohammed.

“The case of the patient brought in by high end vehicles (Brian Oduor) which appears in the social media is as follows. He was seen and an X-ray done, put on treatment and referred to a maxillofacial review. No patient was chased away at any given time. All patients were treated for free,” he added.

The Deputy Governor also added his voice to the debate saying he was concerned that the claims made by Ms Odinga might have been aimed to trigger violent political retribution on a health institution.

This however was not well received by Ms Odinga who responded by saying she also has evidence of payments made at Metropolitan Hopital in Buruburu for her driver’s treatment after being turned away by Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.