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Woman narrates heartrending tale of banishment after her baby’s mysterious death

A woman has shocked the internet with a narration of how she was banished from her matrimonial home after one of her twins died mysteriously a week after birth.

The woman, who chose to narrate her story online using a pseudo account, explained how after a naming ceremony the first of the twins died under unclear circumstances and how she was driven out of her home by her husband and his family.

She was on bed rest when the twins’ grandmother and an elder took the babies for the ceremony that went on till late with occasional breaks for breastfeeding.

At 2am the twins were brought to her bed by their grandmother and since the new mother was exhausted she just covered them and slept.

“I woke up as usual to have my breakfast which my mum in-law had prepared, I waited for my babies to wake up but only one woke up at 10am, of course I assumed the gal was still asleep and I didn’t worry after all they were just a week old and sleep was best for them. I waited till 1pm my baby girl wasn’t waking up, my mum in-law came to wash the babies for I was told to rest not to strain when she went to check my baby girl she found the baby dead and the next thing I heard were shouts all over the compound “you have killed my granddaughter” soon enough the compound was full of women with cooking sticks, I was chased from my husband’s home and called a murderer. I was not allowed to carry along my remaining twin boy one week old but since she only discovered her child’s death in the morning when she tried to wake up her daughter,” wrote the mother.

The new mother had to flee to neighboring Uganda after receiving threats from both her husband and his family.

She has since been living away from her son and once met him as a toddler when he was hospitalized and the mother whose blood type matched was called in.

“My son was taken to a boarding school, he’s a big boy now I sneak to visit him in the school he promised never to tell anyone he met his mum, I try as much as I can never to tell him his twin siz was killed coz he will hate his family a lot. May God take care of my only son for me I know he will come to me for good one day,” concluded the mother.