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Woman who ‘married’ the holy spirit dies

A woman who hit news headlines last year after she stunned her husband and villagers in Makutano town, West Pokot County, when she decided to “marry” the Holy Spirit is dead.

According to the police, Mrs Elizabeth Nalem, a mother of six was found dead inside a forest in West Pokot County on Saturday, April 2.

She was last seen leaving her home carrying a walking stick and a machete.

Kapenguria Sub-county police boss Mr Kipkemboi Kirui said that there is a possibility that the deceased was attacked by wild animals which feasted on her remains.

“The body must have been in the bush for more than a week and already investigations have been launched to ascertain what might have taken place,” Mr Kirui said.

For the last one week, until her lifeless body was found in the forest, her family had launched a search for her.

In May 2021, the deceased who worked as a town council officer, stunned her husband Joshua Nalem when she organised a brief ceremony at a local hotel in Makutano, where she was “bound in holy matrimony with the Holy Spirit”.

During the event, Mrs Nalem was escorted by workmates and businesswomen who cheered her up as she gave her promise and “hand in marriage to the Holy Spirit”.

Dressed in a wedding gown and flanked by cheering women, bewildered villagers, an enthusiastic pastor, and a stunned husband, Mrs Nalem said “I do” to the Holy Spirit at Chelang’a Gardens, a hotel in Makutano.

To officiate the ceremony was Pastor Albert Rumaita of the Makutano Anglican Church of Kenya.

“I have served the world for all my years, but now the Holy Spirit has directed me to serve the almighty God. The holy spirit drove me to Pastor Rumaita, who bought the wedding dress, organised this ceremony and even hired cars to escort me here,” Mrs Nalem said at the ceremony.

She later walked within the two as friends and onlookers cheered her and some even followed her around the town.


On the same day, she then travelled to Uganda for her honeymoon and also praised the Lord.

“I talked to my husband (The Holy Spirit) and told him to take care of my children. I am being guided by the Holy Spirit. The day he will tell me to go back home from Uganda is when I will do so,” she said.

It is worth noting that the woman then dropped her town council job and also closed a hotel that she was running.

She further said that once she is back from Uganda she was then scheduled to go to the United States of America (USA).

She also refused that she will not in any way go back to her husband who was desperately calling her home until she is granted permission by her spirit.

According to Christianity, the Holy Spirit is the third “person” in the Holy Trinity of God. The others are God and Jesus Christ.