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Women dump inner wear outside Governor Njuki’s office over ‘insult’

By ALEX NJERU February 11th, 2019 2 min read

A group of angry women in Tharaka-Nithi County removed and dumped their inner wear outside Governor Muthomi Njuki’s office claiming he had insulted women.

The women from Tharaka, Maara and Chuka/Igambang’ombe constituencies accused Mr Njuki of demeaning them by referring to them as filthy and demanded that he withdraws and apologises immediately.

The women presented their grievances to the Chief of Staff, Mr Murithi Mbiro and other county officials outside the county boss’s office as the Governor was not in the office.

Speaking to media, Sarah Kanini accused the governor of painting women negatively in most of his public addresses.

She said it was demeaning to abuse women in public considering that they played a crucial role in ensuring that he was elected.

Some of the paraphernalia left outside the office. PHOTO | ALEX NJERU

“When the Governor was angry with contractors who were demanding payment, he dismissed the saying they should be paid by their mothers,” said Ms Kanini.

Prof Kindiki

They also accused the county boss of demeaning Senator Kindiki by referring to him as ‘speaking like a woman’ during a recent row between the two over project ownership.

Ms Eunice Kajira from Tharaka constituency also accused the governor of insulting women by asking them to look for ‘sponsors’ to finance a beauty pageant saying the county had no funds to waste in facilitating models to catwalk in front of Members of County Assembly who were demanding financing of the event.

They also accused Mr Njuki of financing MCAs to impeach Deputy Speaker Ms Susan Ngugi whose ouster motion is set to be discussed tomorrow (Tuesday).

“Our Governor has been fighting women and that is why he is pushing for the impeachment of Ms Ngugi,” said Ms Kajira.

The county chief of staff promised to present the grievances to the governor for action.

They women gave the governor one week to apologize else they will remove all clothes and demonstrate at his office naked.