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Women go for catchy slogans in city race

Will you vote for “Msupa na Works”, “Toto si Totois wa Nairobi”, “Miss B Tosha”, or “Bae wa Nairobi”?

These are some of the eye-popping, slogans that various hopefuls for the Nairobi woman representative seat have coined.

Whereas in the 2013 General Election, Nairobi Woman Representative hopeful Rachael Shebesh used the catchy slogan “Manzi wa Nai”— loosely translated to Nairobi’s lady — to win the hearts of city voters, in the coming polls she will have to be extra creative if slogans by her competitors are anything to go by.

Other than what is emerging to be a battle of the three BBCs — beauty, brains and character, the leading hopefuls for the seat hope that the catchy campaign slogans will help them capture the attention of the city’s largely youthful and modern electorate.


Supporters of the various woman representative hopefuls have also added a moniker to Ms Shebesh’s 2013 campaign slogan “Manzi wa Nai” and now say their favourites are younger than her and bring a fresh face to the race.

Ms Shebesh, who is in her 40s, is expected to face city lawyer Karen Nyamu, nominated MCA Wangui Ng’ang’a, a marketing and business development graduate, and business woman Millicent Omanga, a commerce graduate, all in their early 30s.

Interestingly, the supporters have said that it will be difficult to make a decision on whom to vote for based on beauty, in a country where good looks have always favoured women aspirants on the ballot.

“All those aspirants are well educated and beautiful role models in the society. They are bringing a fresh, sexy and youthful approach to the campaigns,” said Ms Wambui Nyutu, the founder of Warembo na Uhuruto movement.


Ms Ng’ang’a is described by colleagues at the Nairobi County assembly as “too beautiful to be at City Hall” whereas Ms Omanga has built a reputation as a serious politician and her success as the youngest director in a leading firm.

Ms Nyamu, is marketing herself as the woman that Nairobians love with her catchy slogan that loosely translates to Nairobi’s sweetheart.

“My official campaign slogan is Wakili wa Watoto na Wamama (A lawyer for women and children) but my supporters have branded me Bae Wa Nairobi. I thought it was fun. But politics is serious business,” she said.

Ms Omanga is using the slogans “Msupa na Works” and “Msupa na Kazi”, loosely translated to a beautiful lady who is good at her work.

“There seems to be a vacuum in women leadership in the city. The woman rep we elected seems not to know what we elected her to do. I am telling my supporters I can deliver,” she said.

Ms Ng’ang’a explained that she settled on “Miss B Tosha” because she is qualified for the seat.

“I am passionate on improving the standards of living for Nairobi people,” she said.

But, Ms Nyamu said their slogans should not be taken to imply they had no agenda for the city.