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You can’t fight for me? Kamene Goro questions hubby’s loyalty

Kamene Goro has been left perturbed following a confession by her husband, DJ Bonez, that he can never physically defend her. This revelation unfolded during a captivating episode on YouTube, where the former radio presenter raised the question of whether Bonez would step up and fight for her.

“So if someone squeezes my hips, won’t you fight for me? So you can’t fight for me? Can’t you fight for me?” Kamene’s voice echoed with a mix of disappointment and disbelief.

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And when Bonez retorted, “I can’t fight a man,” Kamene’s frustration reached its peak. She couldn’t fathom that after marriage, he would suddenly claim an inability to fight for her.

“Stop…you can’t fight for me,” she exclaimed, her voice heavy with stress.

However, DJ Bonez seemed unfazed by her distress and casually dismissed the idea of physical confrontation, suggesting that fighting should be reserved for the likes of former boxer Mike Tyson.

This nonchalant response only served to further infuriate Kamene, leading her to suggest ending the episode altogether. In a dazed and hopeless tone, she expressed her disappointment in DJ Bonez, feeling as though he had changed.

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The couple, along with comedian Oga Obinna, has been entertaining audiences through their weekly podcasts on the Kamene & Obinna channel. However, this recent altercation revealed a rift in their relationship, adding a layer of tension to their previously harmonious dynamic.

Earlier in the week, the couple shocked their listeners with a startling revelation about Kamene’s former lover’s persistent attempts to harass and stalk her. While they were in Mombasa, the ex-boyfriend brazenly approached a large group of people and touched Kamene, catching her off guard.

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“It was about a year since we broke up (I had been with Bonez for about a year and more). He said he wanted to go and say hello to my boyfriend. I said at your peril. He went to the hut in front of him,” Kamene recounted, her voice tinged with lingering discomfort.

According to Bonez, Kamene’s ex-boyfriend sarcastically congratulated him for winning the woman they had been vying for.

“He came and clapped his hands and said congratulations, ‘You have won.’ Luckily, Mombasa is renowned for its vigilant bouncers. I called them to escort him off the premises, and he was swiftly removed to the beach. He truly bothered me,” Bonez said, still slightly perturbed by the encounter.

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