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‘Zaeni na watu wako na akili! Jackie Matubia on being a single mum

Award-winning actress Jackie Matubia recently offered advice to women, emphasizing the importance of selecting partners who possess intelligence and demonstrating appreciation for men who actively participate in raising their children.

In her latest YouTube video, Jackie shared her evolving perspective on life, highlighting the ups and downs she has experienced throughout 2023.

Jackie began by expressing her gratitude for her journey, stating:

“I am trying to come back to this space and engage with my fans on YouTube. It’s been an amazing journey. I am a proud single mother of two. I decided that what makes Jackie happy is good vibes, Inshallah, and let’s catch flights, not feelings.”

Jackie added:

“I keep telling you guys, even if you decide to get children, pataneni watoto na watu wako na akili.” she bursts out laughing. “Hehe juu wengine wetu pia, even me who is advising you pia kimeniramba,” she said.

She acknowledged that her life has been a trending topic and humorously quipped:

“Oh, Jackie Matubia, Jackie Matubia, I know my name sounds sweet. But all I can say is I decided to love myself and put myself first,” with tears welling up as she described her small family.

Reflecting on her experiences as a single mother, Jackie emphasized the role of faith and self-love.

“God has held me when everything was falling apart. He assured me that He is the Alpha and Omega and has been the father to my kids. He has given me a shoulder to lean on. It has been a crazy couple of months. We lose some and gain more. If you are going through a difficult time, take a moment to ask yourself what makes you happy.”

Jackie Matubia  highlighted the impact of 2023 on her life, including her personal struggles and growth as a single mother.

Apart from her reflections on single motherhood, Jackie also touched on the challenges of dealing with a failed relationship with her second baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho, as well as the loss of close friends.

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