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Why Colonel Mustafa closed his clothes shop in Kayole

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa, known for his contributions to the music industry, has broken his amid concerns over his clothing and shoe shop’s closure on Chokaa Street, near Kayole estate in Nairobi.

Despite the substantial financial support received from well-wishers, the shop’s doors have remained largely shut, leaving many to wonder about the situation.

In response to these concerns, Colonel Mustafa clarified that his shop was not permanently closed but attributed its sporadic operation to personal challenges he had been facing.

He revealed that his mother’s health has been a significant concern and priority. He explained, “The shop has indeed experienced periods of closure, but it’s not a permanent shutdown. I have been occupied with my mother, who is undergoing radiotherapy and awaiting a PET scan.”

Mustafa further emphasized that his mother’s battle with cancer required his constant attention and care. “My primary focus has been on her health, and I’ve been supporting her throughout her treatment journey,” he stated during a previous interview.

Additionally, Mustafa acknowledged his continued involvement in the music industry, which has kept him preoccupied. He expressed difficulty in finding a suitable individual to manage the shop effectively during his temporary absence. “I’ve been committed to my music career and have been engaged in numerous shows. I am searching for someone I can trust to manage the shop in my absence,” he added.

Despite the shop’s intermittent operation, Mustafa remains grateful for the unwavering financial support from Kenyans. Many well-wishers have continued to send contributions, showing their solidarity and understanding of the challenges he is facing.

Mustafa offered a positive update on his mother’s health, indicating that her recovery from cancer was progressing well. He mentioned that she was actively engaged in exercises, including zumba, to regain her physical strength. “We have completed 23 radiotherapy sessions, and we are now awaiting a PET scan to determine the status of her recovery and whether any cancerous cells remain,” he explained.

Colonel Mustafa’s story gained significant attention earlier this year when a video of him working as a construction laborer surfaced online. At that time, he had kept his struggles hidden for about a year. The video’s release prompted a wave of support from fellow Kenyans who rallied behind him, providing substantial financial assistance to help him during this challenging period.

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