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Zari’s husband Shakib reveals secret talk with Diamond on boundaries

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz had pledged to respect the boundaries of his ex-partner Zari Hassan.

This is according to statements made by Zari Hassan’s husband, Lutaya Shakib, in a paid interview with US-based Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi.

Shakib disclosed that during a private conversation with Diamond, they discussed the nature of videos involving Zari, agreeing that content beyond co-parenting would not be created.

“I had a one-on-one conversation with Diamond…just that there are certain videos that go beyond co-parenting, and he said, ‘You know what, bro, I promise I will never do that again,'” Shakib revealed to Mange.

Shakib also mentioned a lengthy discussion with Diamond’s girlfriend, Zuchu, expressing sympathy for her.

“I don’t know how Zuchu feels, but I feel bad for her,” remarked the Ugandan.

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In an earlier interview, Zari said he introduced Diamond to her husband Shakib because he wanted him to have a conversation about raising their two children.

“I introduced Diamond to Shakib because most of the time, Shakib stays with Diamond’s kids the most, and I wanted him to feel that his children are with the right person incase I leave them with him,” she said.

Following the interview, Shakib defended himself, claiming ignorance of Mange’s issues with his wife, Zari.

In a video spoken in Luganda, Shakib admitted to accepting $1,000 (Ksh 146,000) for the interview, unaware of Mange’s affiliations with Zari’s adversaries.

However, despite his prior statements, a promotional video emerged online, showing Shakib being welcomed by Mange, endorsing the controversial blogger ahead of their forthcoming interview.

In response to Shakib’s interview with Mange, Zari condemned the act as obsessive and desperate.

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Despite the monetary compensation, Zari asserted that Shakib failed to provide any significant revelations during the interview.

Mocking Mange’s efforts, Zari ridiculed the outcome, stating:

Ooh simpendi (Ohh, I don’t like her)! But you paid a whole $100o (Sh146,500k) to someone to give you ‘tea’ about me. Tell me you are my number one fan without telling me you’re so obsessed. So invested in my life. With that obsession, you can kill someone.”