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Zawadi Nyong’o furious after being mistaken for Lupita’s mother

Lupita Nyong’o’s elder sister Zawadi on Thursday took to twitter to express her anger after a reveler asked if she was the Oscar winner’s mother.

Zawadi was attending a music show by Malian singer and bass player Moussa Diallo at the Tribe hotel during which her father Kisumu senator, Anyang’ Nyong’o even took to the floor to dance to the African hits.

The social entrepreneur narrated how the lovely evening with her father was rudely interrupted when a lady approached her and asked if she was Lupita’s mother.

“I asked her if I looked that old to her. She said, no no it’s because you look alike. So that makes me her mother? NKT I need a T-shirt ASAP,” tweeted Zawadi.

She went on to describe how she still has not gotten used to being referred to as Lupita’s sister and now she is being mistaken for her mother, Dorothy.

Zawadi lamented about the attention that comes with being a relative of an award winning actress joking of how she was contemplating relocating to a remote village in India as she never signed up for publicity.


“As in not a single day goes by, no matter where I am (hospital, market, restaurant, street, gym, you name it) without being asked…Not 1,” she tweeted.

A spot check on Zawadi’s tweets on being Lupita’s sister revealed that in posts dating as back as 2013 she has always being uncomfortable with people having to ask her about her sister.

In April 2013 she tweeted, “I pray that one day I can just be seen as Zawadi, an individual. Not #NyongosDaughter or #LupitasSister. Sigh. I am tired.”

She went on in another tweet, “Should I just add #LupitasSister to my twitter bio to avoid further questions? *throws hands up* LQTM.”

At some point in June last year she tweeted, “Yes, I’m #LupitasSister. No, I’m not Lupita’s agent. Folks need to stop calling me. It’s really frustrating.”

Zawadi lives in Nairobi and runs a yoga project and is an accomplished author having written a book on sexual rights in East Africa titled ‘When I dare to be powerful’.