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Zuchu publicly discusses body count with Diamond Platnumz

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 10th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian music sensation Zuchu recently left fans in awe of her affectionate bond with Diamond Platnumz during a quick-fire interview with a Wasafi Media reporter.

The ‘Sukari’ hitmaker’s love for her boss-turned-lover was unmistakable during the candid conversation.

In a now-viral video that has garnered attention across social media platforms, Zuchu read aloud a written question that left no room for evasion:

“Ni wanawake wangapi au wanaume wangapi umewahi kulala na kimapenzi?” (How many women or men have you romantically slept with?). Without hesitation, she answered, “Mmoja tu…Peke yake,” (Only one…Him alone), before embracing Diamond tightly.

Zuchu then turned the tables on the reporter, asking, “Wewe unajua boyfriend wangu gani? Kwenye industry, ndani na Nje?” (Do you know who my boyfriend is? In the industry, both locally and internationally?). With another affectionate hug, she declared, “My one and only.”

Diamond Platnumz, wearing a warm smile, heartily agreed with Zuchu’s sentiments, affirming their loving connection.

The couple has not been shy about displaying their affection for each other on social media, frequently sharing heartwarming moments from their relationship.

However, a recent video of Diamond Platnumz sharing a kiss with Ghanaian singer Fantana on the reality show “Young, Famous And African” stirred controversy.

Reports suggest that Zuchu was upset upon seeing the video and allegedly caused a commotion at Diamond Platnumz’s home in reaction to the incident.

“Yeah, it happened, I was so angry. He crossed the boundaries; those are not things we do on TV. I was hurt,” she candidly told Wasafi FM.

Addressing rumors that her pay was reduced by management to cover the costs of the alleged damage during the commotion, Zuchu firmly denied any such financial repercussions, saying:

“Kulipishwa hapana, I think my boss is better than that” (I wasn’t fined; I believe my boss wouldn’t do that).

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