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Zuchu roasted for ‘ignoring’ Terence Creative, Milly Chebby in dance video

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has found herself at the center of controversy for seemingly ignoring Kenyan comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby in a recent dance challenge video.

Zuchu re-shared a video on her social media platform featuring Nameless, Wahu, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby dancing to her song.

However, in the caption accompanying the video, Zuchu only tagged Nameless and Wahu, completely omitting Terence and Milly.

“I had to repost this one from the king and the Queen @namelesskenya @wahukagwi 🙌🙌🙌 aah mmeweza kulicheza sagarumba,” Zuchu wrote.

The video quickly caught the attention of Kenyans, who expressed their disappointment and called on Zuchu to delete the video.

Many felt that her actions were disrespectful towards the content creators involved in the dance challenge.

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“Zuchu, you need to delete this post and repost it properly, tagging everyone who participated. Let’s play fair,” commented iam_vioh.

“Remember, most of your YouTube views come from Kenya. Just play nice and tag everyone in the video,” added preety_ruth.

Others questioned Zuchu’s decision to exclude Terence and Milly, with some users even using derogatory language.

“Are those other two animals? Aside from Nameless and Wahu?” posed itskimanijohn.

However, amidst the criticism, Terence himself took the opportunity to introduce himself in the comments, writing, “Hi @officialzuchu, I am the chubby guy on the side wearing a white shirt.”

Kenyans on social media also defended Terence and Milly, recognizing their status as the king and queen of comedy in Kenya.

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“Weren’t you aware that Terence and Milly are the king and queen of comedy?” remarked rachaelmakinia.

Some users tried to rationalize Zuchu’s actions, suggesting that Kenyans should not be overly concerned about whether she tags everyone in her posts.

“Kenyan people make too much noise. Why do you want us to know about every aspect of your lives? While you have time to know about everyone, we are busy with our own lives,” stated rashid_chid.

Nevertheless, the omission of Terence and Milly did not go unnoticed, and users continued to express their disappointment and frustration towards Zuchu.

“Because you failed to tag our own king of comedy @terencecreative and our queen @millychebby, I will help you tag them. Show some respect, or should we take you to ‘shakahola’ for you to gain some manners?” stella.mwanza remarked.

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