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From Bahati to Eric Omondi: Kenyan celebrities in ‘come we stay’ marriages

Apart from Bahati and Diana Marua, who recently announced their plans to finally formalize their marriage. The couple has been in a “come we stay” marriage for seven years.

Several other Kenyan celebrities have chosen to maintain similar arrangements, living together without legally formalizing their relationships through marriage.

While not all celebrities opt for this type of setup, there are various reasons why some prefer it, including privacy, flexibility, relationship testing, focus on career, and protecting assets.

One of the key motivations for celebrities to choose a “come we stay” relationship is privacy. Being in the public eye often means facing intense scrutiny from the media and the public.

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By avoiding legal marriage, celebrities can keep their personal lives more private, shielding their relationships from excessive attention.

This arrangement allows them to maintain a level of secrecy, protecting their bond from unwanted intrusion.

Flexibility is another significant factor.

Celebrities lead busy lives with demanding schedules, often involving frequent travel and unpredictable work commitments.

Comedian YY and his wife Marya Okoth. PHOTO | COURTESY

Opting for a “come we stay” setup provides them with the flexibility to be together without the constraints and legal obligations that come with marriage.

This flexibility allows them to adapt their living arrangements to their ever-changing lifestyles.

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For some celebrities, living together without legal marriage provides an opportunity for relationship testing.

They view it as a way to assess their compatibility, lifestyle preferences, and ability to handle challenges before making a formal commitment through marriage.

By spending time living together, they can evaluate their long-term compatibility and ensure a solid foundation for their relationship.

Additionally, prioritizing their careers is a reason why some celebrities prefer a “come we stay” arrangement.

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray taking a meal with Kennedy Rapudo at Boulevard hotel in Nairobi on June 9,2023. PHOTO|EVANS HABIL

Balancing a successful career and a traditional marriage can be challenging.

Choosing to forgo legal marriage allows them to focus more on their professional commitments without the additional responsibilities and obligations that come with marriage.

It provides them with the freedom to pursue their careers while maintaining a committed partnership.

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Another factor that may influence celebrities’ decision to embrace a “come we stay” relationship is the protection of individual assets.

Celebrities often have significant wealth and assets, and avoiding legal marriage can provide a level of protection for their finances.

By not formalizing the union, they can maintain separate ownership of their assets, mitigating potential complications in the event of a divorce or separation.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha and lover Georgina Njenga. PHOTO | COURTESY

In addition to Bahati and Diana Marua, several other Kenyan celebrities have chosen to keep their relationships in the “come we stay” phase.

Actor Baha and Georgina Njenga, Eric Omondi and Lynne, Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo, and comedian YY and Marya are among those who have not yet formalized their marriages but continue to live together as couples.

Each couple has their unique circumstances and reasons for maintaining this arrangement.

It’s important to note that the decision to pursue a “come we stay” relationship is a personal one, and the reasons mentioned may not apply universally to all celebrities.