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Ali Kiba’s ‘lover’ Niffer hits back at singer’s wife in divorce drama

Jovin Niffer, who is rumored to be Ali Kiba’s new love interest, has ignited speculation with a cryptic message posted on her social media, seemingly aimed at Kiba’s estranged wife, Amina Khalef.

In her post, Niffer reflects on the complexities of love, stating:

“A woman who loves you will always think you are cheating on her because she thinks every woman sees what she sees in you. That’s how love is.”

While the message does not explicitly mention any names, many have interpreted it as a subtle reference to the ongoing turmoil between Niffer, Kiba, and Khalef.

Neither Ali Kiba nor Jovin Niffer have confirmed or denied the rumors surrounding their alleged romantic involvement.

However, their social media interactions and recent posts have fueled speculation among fans and followers.

On June 15, 2023, Amina Khalef publicly demanded that Ali Kiba finalize their divorce, expressing her exhaustion with the lack of respect she has experienced in their relationship.

In a statement, Amina revealed the frustrations she has faced, emphasizing that despite their separation, Kiba continues to refer to her as “someone’s wife” while living his own life without any apparent restrictions.

Amina shared her decision to distance herself from Ali Kiba, citing the desire to escape pain, abuse, and other issues.

She appealed to Kiba to sign the divorce papers promptly, allowing both parties to move forward independently and live their lives freely.

Amid the divorce drama, Jovin Niffer has caught the attention of social media users by consistently tagging Ali Kiba in her posts across various platforms.

In one particular post, she affectionately referred to him as “her drug,” sparking further speculation about their relationship.

Adding to the intrigue, Niffer is the sole woman followed by Ali Kiba on his official Instagram page, leaving fans curious about the nature of their connection.

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