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Exclusive: Crazy Kennar’s BFF, Stanley Omondi, on why he mimes

Known for his social media comedy skits, Stanley Omondi, who was formerly Crazy Kennar’s comedy counterpart has shared details of one greatest challenge he faces in his content creation. 

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the funnyman said the reason most of his skit videos on social media are mimed is because he has a hard time following a script. 

“If you give me scripts with long paragraphs you have killed me,” Omondi confessed.

The comedian, who dabbles as a cinematographer, also stated that speaking in videos meant to deliver a certain message puts him in a position where he ends up digressing from the main point. 

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“In my videos, I decided to do miming because I feel like if I speak on video I’ll find myself talking too much and out of context. My type of comedy is not talking, and if I do a video with someone it’s either they mime and I speak, at which point we will clash. Miming is very easy for me,” he said.

Speaking on the integrity of comedy skits and their chances of going viral, the renowned content creator said that speaking in such videos only reduces their chances of relatability and virality. 

“First of all miming. Miming is broad. If you mime, you have a 90 per cent chance of your video going viral depending on how your audience interprets the video. The only disadvantage of miming is that it’s not applicable to visually impaired people, but miming generally gets more traction than voiced videos. The moment you open your mouth is the moment you reduce the chances of your video going viral by 70 percent because not everybody understands English or Kiswahili,” Omondi explained.

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He proudly acknowledged: “I found a way of making people laugh without talking.”

Sharing a piece of advice that he lives by, Omondi said: “Never forget who helped you in difficult times. Who helped you in difficult times. And who left you in difficult times.”

The content creator also disclosed his relationship status.

“The goal is to remain single until someone genuinely enhances my life in a way that makes being in a relationship more fulfilling than being single,” he said.

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