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10 tragic facts of relationship between Omar Lali and the late heiress Tecra Muigai

Omar Lali has defended his love for Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai at every turn.

During his testimony before a Nairobi magistrate’s court on Wednesday, 16, 2022, Lali opened up about the nature of their relationship.

Tecra died in April 2020 after she allegedly fell down the stairs of Jaha House, a hotel in Shela, Lamu.

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Here are 10 facts from his testimony about his relationship with the late. 

  1. Tecra was in her 20s, and Lali was in his mid-50s when they started dating. Tecra was apprehensive that her parents would never accept him due to the large age gap. 
  2. Tecra sent photos of her boyfriend on WhatsApp to her parents. “I told her that she had sent the wrong photo because the guy was too old for her. She said ‘No, he is the one’,” Tabitha said.
  3. Lali told the court that Tecra said, “But this relationship is not because of them. Whatever they say is up to them. I took you because I love you.”
  4. Lali said he met the Keroche heiress in July 2019 while she was on holiday in Lamu. “It was love at first sight. She said she really loved my beard,” he said. On that first day of their meeting, the two went up to Tecra’s apartment at the hotel, where they drank alcohol, made out, and slept. “There was a bit of romance then she went into her room and I slept in the living room,” he said. Omar said the living room had a very comfortable bed. Lali also pointed out that Tecra was a party animal. Whenever her friends joined her in Lamu, they would drink throughout the day and into the night as they sniffed cocaine. During his testimony, Lali identified the men as Max, Edwin, and a third, whose name he could not recall.
  5. Lali maintains his innocence, saying he loves Tecra and would not lift a hand against her. “How can you kill your lover? I have never raised my hand against any woman in my life,” he said. The inquest into the death of Tecra will return on March 27, 2023, when the Keroche family lawyers will cross-examine Omar.
  6. In Tecra’s last moments, Lali narrated how at 3 pm, he had not returned to the hotel because he went to visit his children, and Tecra called.
  7. When he got home, Lali said, “We went into the bedroom and made love.”
  8. After that, they started drinking, but Lali says he was on anti-biotics, so he did not indulge much. Later, he left to sleep and left Tecra drinking. 
  9. At the time, only the two of them were in the house. Lali told the court that screams woke him up from Tecra after she fell down the staircase. “I woke up and ran to her. It was in the wee hours of the night. She was unconscious,” he said.
  10. Tecra was rushed to a local dispensary, which referred her to Lamu’s King Fahad Hospital after first aid. She was later airlifted by Amref to Nairobi and taken to The Nairobi Hospital, where she died a week later.

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