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11 Kenyan women rescued from Sudan arrive in Nairobi

Eleven Kenyan women who persevered through deadly shootings in the streets of Sudan between government soldiers and rebels have jetted back home.

Speaking to Nairobi News on the night of Saturday, April 29, 2023, the women narrated how they walked through the streets as gunshots rendered the air after being released from a salon they had been locked in.

“Fortunately, we have arrived in the country and we are all fine, we just landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA),” said Ms Deborah Nyanchoka.

On Wednesday this week, Nairobi News exclusively reported the predicament the 11 Kenyan women went through after they were locked up inside a salon with no food and water.

As sporadic gunfire kept ringing on in the capital, the women were all locked up in one place and their efforts to convince their boss to allow them to leave became futile.

It is then that Ms Nyanchoka, went ahead and launched an online plea to Kenyans and people of goodwill to assist them from the tragedy.

She told this reporter that things were really bad and there was a need for the Kenyan embassy in Sudan to be informed.

“Gunfire rented the air day and night. It was a difficult experience and it was so hard for us to even sleep,” Ms Nyanchoka said.

Ms Nyanchoka said when they managed to get the phone number of the Kenyan Embassy in Sudan, officials told them that they would have to get their way there.

She said their boss even refused to hand them back their passports and that they did not have any food and water while holed up in the salon.

“We stayed with no food, no water for six days. The building we were in had been shot at severally,” she said.

Ms Nyanchoka said all the time they were inside the salon it seemed that they had been left alone and no one even checked on them. She said at some point they feared that would not survive.

Their salvation came on Tuesday when a bus managed to get its way to the salon but they were stopped from leaving in unclear circumstances.

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