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1998 bomb victims awarded Sh82 billion

A judge in the US has awarded 23 Tanzanians and Americans killed or injured in the attacks on the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998 a total of $957 million (Sh82.3 billion).

A federal judge in Washington ruled last week that the governments of Iran and Sudan must pay in the cases.

But the ruling by Judge Thomas Bates does not ensure that the specified sum will be paid to the victims any time soon — or ever.

The Kenyan survivors of August 7 bomb blast have not received any compensation from the government nearly 16 years after the tragedy.

Two American law firms, through their partners in Kenya had volunteered to pursue their compensation but it has not been achieved.

Mr Thomas Fortune Fay, an attorney representing the Tanzanians and US citizens, said on Monday that efforts will now begin to identify Iranian and Sudanese assets that can be seized to pay the damages awarded by Judge Bates.

Two hundred Kenyans, 10 Tanzanians, 12 Americans and two attackers were killed in the explosions.