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4 Kenyan celebrities who have vowed never to get married

There was a period when marriage and children were societal norms that people followed everywhere. From being focused on work to experiencing a bad marriage, there are many reasons why marriage has taken the back seat today.

Celebrities are not far behind in having their opinions straight and direct about never wanting to get married.

While some celebs have been married multiple times, others are simply not the marrying kind. They prefer a long-term relationship without any sort of formal commitment. Here are celebrities who have shunned marriage:

Betty Kyalo

If you are a fun of the Kyallo sisters’ Kyallo Culture then you would have heard renowned media personality Betty saying she will never walk down the aisle. The famous Miss Entrepreneur said she has been heartbroken many times to believe any relationship is permanent.

“If I am dating someone right now, I would be like, for today we are okay,” she said.

Betty knows better having previously been married to fellow TV journalist Denis Okari. The two tied the knot on October 2, 2015, but their marriage collapsed six months later.

“The divorce changed my perception about marriage. We were so happy for four years, it didn’t make sense that we were there only for six months inside the marriage,” she said.

Nowadays, she says, she prefers dating and come-we-stay arrangements.

“If I get a nice guy who I think I would want to be my partner for life, I probably would not go down the aisle. I would just probably date, come-we-stay, or do a traditional wedding and leave it at that. I don’t know, but I feel like the white dress, there is something about that white dress.”

Maina Kageni

Despite confessing his love for women, Maina Kageni has never been a fan of marriage. Maina claims he doesn’t like the commitment that tags along the marriage institution, as men are always trying to impress their partners, something he doesn’t subscribe to.

He also strongly believes ‘marriage is not for everyone.’

Kenyan Comedian Oga Obinna. PHOTO | FILE

Oga Obinna

The comedian-cum radio presenter is on record for saying during an interview with SPM Buzz that he will never marry because it’s a scam.

“Unless it’s marriage to a couple of people, yeah! But if it’s marriage to the same person over a period of time, it’s a scam. Because at some point, one person is going to fall out of love as they were before, and they’ll want out like no, no, no, and it will be chaotic and messy. So marriage is a No,” he said.

Interestingly, Obinna has fathered four children with different baby mamas. He has never been married but he believes in love. He worst fears, he has confessed, is the ‘character development’ when a relationship dies.

Andrew Kibe

In an interview with BuzzCentral, the controversial media personality said he will never get married. Kibe confessed to have been married twice and that he vowed not getting married again after his second marriage failed.

“I was full of shit, I realized marriage wasn’t for me,” he said.

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