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4 women’s belongings that men must protect ‘with their lives’

Ok, so obviously protecting someone else’s belongings should never come at the cost of one’s life but you understand what we mean, right? We are talking about the cautiousness and urgency that is required to keep things safe for current or future use; and for the great benefit of everyone involved in the matter.

Women often cherish items that hold sentimental value or are essential to their daily lives. It is essential for men to understand the significance of these belongings and take steps to protect them. Here’s a list of women’s belongings men must then care for ‘with their lives’:

  1. Her body. Women are ‘assistant creators’ to God. Their bodies are not theirs alone. They are built to have children and so a man must go out of his way to ensure her physical safety. Her womb and chest area are especially important for this purpose; and generally, her entire body is crucially important for nurturing the baby and the family at large. Happy wife, happy life, right?
  2. Her children. Many women are capable of going scorched earth against people who are a danger to her children. They will turn into grizzly bears. Here’s where you want to be her co-grizzly parent and protect the kids with your life- probably much more than she can. Don’t threaten their safety, don’t threaten to take them away in the event of an argument and don’t threaten to withhold any resources related to their holistic well being. Or you will be chomped down by mama bear.
  3. Her financial security. Living in a patriarchal society, majority of women are at financial disadvantage compared to men. Whatever financial capability she has, protect that for her. In addition to contributing to the household, help her out by coming together to make decisions that will benefit both of you. This will also be important in the event you leave her (hopefully because of death and not cheating!), she will be financially strong to stand on her own feet and continue providing for any shared children you have.
  4. Her emotional and mental well being. Research has it that women are twice likely to be diagnosed with depression than men. In this instance, you want to be a supportive husband, understanding of her emotions and creating a safe space for her to exist and express herself. Majority of households are held together by women as men are out being breadwinners. If you want a peaceful home where any children you have will thrive, then ensure you are her rock, not her problems.

Women are simple beings with little needs. They only become complicated when they have to react to actions men take. You cover all these bases ‘with your life’, you are set to ride the waves into your sunset years.

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