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5 categories of women highly likely to ask for separation/divorce

By Winnie Mabel December 1st, 2023 3 min read

Cliché has it that marriage is the only school in life where you first get the certificate before you sit for the courses. And boy do many married people learn lessons they never thought they had any business learning. Most of them end up undertaking doctorates in premium character development and because they cannot defer, they’d rather drop out of school hence asking for long separation periods or divorce.

Nairobi News now brings you the five categories of women who are highly likely to ask for separation or divorce. This is because we now no longer live in the era where women are encouraged to persevere in marriage for the sake of children or finances, and they now know better to leave when respect is no longer being served on the table:

  1. The abused woman- This woman, after suffering Stockholm Syndrome for a while, will definitely up and leave before she is sent home in a coffin. She probably suffered mental, financial, emotional and physical abuse; and for a while tried defending or hiding her situation. However, once she opens her eyes to the truth about her life and situation, she will leave no matter the threats issued or the sweet words from her abuser that may follow her to coax her into staying in the marriage.
  2. The one being cheated on- Nothing hurts more than being cheated on because aside from the disloyalty, heartbreak and being exposed to every other disease out there. One is left wondering what was wrong with them that they weren’t enough for their spouse for them to go looking outside. And because many women now tend to be independent in how they live their lives and think, leaving is not a hard task for them. A woman who cares little for society’s expectations on the female gender will leave the marriage without thinking twice, even if she has to take the children with her.
  3. The one who is cheating on her spouse- This woman will leave the marriage if she finds she is being served better outside other than what she is receiving in her marriage. It could be in terms of companionship, financial support, mental health and personal growth among other reasons. A woman will go where she is wanted and appreciated; and if that is in an extra marital affair, so be it. She will leave because she already invested her emotions and life plans in another man before physically being intimate. Divorce wouldn’t be far behind in being requested.
  4. The single woman in a marriage- Have you seen those women who are often abandoned by their husbands who forget they have a life as married men too? They are constantly working, constantly meeting up with friends to enjoy boys club, have mentally checked out of the marriage and only return home to sleep…basically, their wives are single women in a marriage. And once she gets tired of living like this, like the women above, she will find reasons to file for divorce because this is not the kind of life she expected – to be an afterthought after years of being together before tying the knot.
  5. The single mother in a marriage- What’s even worse than being a single woman in a marriage? A single mother in a marriage. You get pregnant, carry the pregnancy, probably go to the hospital alone, go through maternity leave alone, end up taking care of the baby alone, raise the child alone- all while your husband watches. This woman will leave. Trust me. People get tired. She will watch you do nothing and not be part of this baby’s life that you created and planned for together and she will write you up. When the divorce papers finally drop, her list of reasons will be as long as the 9 months she spent being pregnant. If she is already a single mother in a marriage, why does she need you? Why does she need to identify as your wife? Separation pap! And divorce thereafter…