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5 celebrities Huddah Monroe has attacked

They say the higher you go, the more enemies you make. Well, socialite cum businesswoman Huddah Monroe attests to the common adage as she has made quite some enemies in her years of fame.

However, it’s no surprise to her thousands of followers as Huddah has been known to be very assertive and confident in airing her sentiments and never letting her haters get the better of her. 

In this article, we get to share some of the feuds and bitter fallouts the socialite has had in the public eye. Here’s a list of five celebrities Huddah Monroe has attacked over the years. 

Vera Sidika

Huddah Monroe seemingly attacked mothers like Vera Sidika, who use their babies as “props” on social media to remain relevant. 


My Baby #verasidika @asiabrown254 @queenveebosset254 @brownmauzo254

♬ original sound – VERA SIDIKA

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The popular socialite took to her Instagram stories to share her thoughts on how babies are treated today.

It seems as if she has strong feelings for parents who expose their children to social media at an early age.

The two have been known to insult each other on social media on various occasions, and ever since Vera gave birth to her first child, Asia Brown, she has been posting about her on social media daily, which seemed to raffle Huddah’s feathers.

Joe Muchiri 

In 2020, Huddah threw shade at former Capital FM Producer Joe Muchiri over allegations that he used to hate and write bad things about her.

“Once upon a time. There was a dude called Joe W. He used to hate on me so much. Dude used to write shit on me daily lol! And call me all sorts of names.

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He finally stopped. I’m still here. He is there, not a CEO, not a Billionaire! The moral of the story is, don’t ever let background noise make you lose focus. As long as you have goals. Stay focused until you get there.

Haters are like the noise of frogs that won’t stop the cow from drinking water!” wrote Huddah Monroe.

Monroe and Muchiri had for years been taking shots at each following their public fallout in 2015. In 2015, the two had one of the biggest Twitter fights that saw them wash their dirty linen in public having been good friends before.

Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy

In June 2022, content creators Murugi Munyi and Huddah had a nasty public fallout following Munyi’s review of the socialite’s beauty products. 


#kenya #tiktokkenya #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Usiniharibie Mood – MEJJA

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The Podcaster’s review hit out at the packaging of the cosmetic products, stating that it reminded her of examination success cards. She threw salvos at Huddah’s products, stating that the product description was misleading to consumers. 

After a few hours, Huddah went on a social media rant where she blasted Munyi saying that she did not ask for help marketing her products as she deals with professionals. 

 “Huddah, Huddah every day on their pages and there’s no help you’re offering. From now I’ll be hiring professionals, from professional agencies and paying Facebook ads because there is no help y’all offering,” Huddah said.

Zari Hassan

In 2020,  Huddah attacked women who buy gifts and flaunt them, claiming it is their lovers who bought them.


🙄🙄🙄 who birthed her 🤦‍♀️, I’m what? 🤔🤦‍♀️ I’m about to go Madea on this one

♬ original sound – zarithebosslady

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Addressing such women, Huddah advised them to be proud of themselves and not feel ashamed of what they do.

“Like seriously, why give the dude credit? I see some buy themselves flowers and say thank you to an imaginary man. Be proud of your earnings, boo,” she posted.

Many at the time speculated that she was addressing Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover Zari Hassan who used to flaunt gifts online and praise King Bae, who we later found out ‘never existed’.

Wahu and Nameless

Huddah, earlier this year, found herself on the spot after Kenyans ganged up against her following her sly comments about celebrated musician David Mathenge aka Nameless and his wife, Wahu Kagwi.


just found this in my drafts 🤗🤗. thank you for being here, for showing me love and for interacting with my content!. here’s to an amazing 2022! 🥂🥂 happy new year fam.

♬ Baby Riddim – FAVE

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During an interview, Huddah alleged that the celebrity couple did not like her some years back. She claimed that they even refused to feature her in their songs.

“Nameless and Wahu, especially Wahu, was looking down upon me. She dismissed me and said I could not dance on her videos,” she said.

Huddah claimed that the tables had now been turned. “Now, Wahu is looking for me I’m like, ‘Dude’, are we in 1963? We are in 2022,” she said.

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