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Ababu declares his ‘Jubilee’ status and rowdy youth couldn’t take it

By WINNIE ATIENO October 24th, 2016 2 min read

A slip of the tongue proved too expensive for Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba on Sunday.

In Mombasa, Mr Namwamba was embarrassed in Bangladesh, Jomvu Sub County, when he accidentally uttered the words ‘Sisi kama chama cha Jubilee (We in Jubilee Party)’ while addressing a congregation at the Glory Worship Centre.

Mr Namwamba is the Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) party leader but he has not formally resigned from the Orange Democratic Movement, although he did quit as its secretary general.


Furious young men at the church’s entrance heckled him, questioning his political loyalty.

Trouble started when Mr Namwamba got out of the church only to be confronted by the men, some wielding hammers and who surrounded his car.

When he got into the car, they blocked his entourage demanding that he explains his political stand.

The men, some clad in ODM shirts and brandishing hammers, called Mr Namwamba a “traitor”.

“So it is true you were bought by Jubilee? How much? You are not man enough. Look at the marvel of God, He has just made you confess your sins. Now we know you are in Jubilee. LPK is just a leaf in a tree,” shouted a young man at him.

The men told him Mombasa County was an ODM zone with others singing impromptu anti-Namwamba songs.

“Some rebels who have left ODM have declared their status, what are you afraid of? Don’t come here preaching LPK while we know you are in the government,” shouted an agitated man.


The shocked MP sat still inside his tinted vehicle next to his secretary general David Makali.

It took around 15 minutes for his vehicle to leave the venue with some youths hanging on to it while.

At one stage, one sprawled himself on its bonnet.

While addressing the worshippers Mr Namwamba scorned at the opposition for failing to address corruption in CORD-supporting counties.

He said the opposition was hypocritical or failing to address graft in CORD-controlled counties.

Disaster struck when he said: “Na sisi kama chama cha Jubilee … sisi kama chama cha … aaa … aaa Labour …”