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Abel Mutua reveals chronic condition he suffers from 

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua has opened up about a chronic condition he suffers from that has become a matter of concern for him. 

The actor, during an episode of The Joy Ride Podcast, revealed that he has a habit of being extremely forgetful that it became a big concern. He said that after inquiring with a certified psychiatrist he was told his forgetfulness could actually be an incurable condition. 

“We once had a psychiatrist on set and I explained to him the nature of my forgetfulness and he told me that it could actually be a disease. I explained to him that I could set out to do something, and then I end up forgetting, and he told me it could be a chronic illness,” said Abel.

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The content creator went on to narrate how he once withdrew money from an ATM machine and ended up forgetting to take the money, at which point he realized he had a serious problem. 

“Let me tell you how bad it is. It takes time for cash to be released from the ATM machine, and before it releases the money it returns your card. So I had gone to an ATM machine, inserted my card, punched in the amount of money I needed, then the card was returned. I quickly got the card and left for home. I remembered I had left my money when I was far away from the ATM,” he narrated. 

He added that it became a matter of concern when he realized that he tends to forget things that are supposed to be muscle memory. 

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“I came to realize that truly it could be a condition because I tend to forget things that are muscle memory,” he said.

When asked if it is something that can be cured, the actor said that he was cautioned that he just had just live with it. He went on to reveal the irony of the matter saying that he doesn’t forget when he is giving stories he tends to remember the minute of details about his past experiences. 

“No, it’s like diabetes. It can’t be cured. It could be the onset of Alzheimer’s. It’s funny though because when I am telling my stories I remember things in detail. I remember names, places, things, it’s just hard to forget,” said Abel. 

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