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Acha pombe! Singer Chameleone warned by his dad

Celebrated Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone achieved a significant milestone as he proudly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, marking a momentous step in his academic journey and personal growth.

His father, too, took the opportunity to offer his son words of guidance and concern.

Speaking at Jose’s graduation dinner, the elder Mayanja appealed to the musician to reconsider his relationship with alcohol. He shared his worry that Jose’s life might be at stake if he continued down this path.

Addressing a gathering of family and friends, the senior Mayanja voiced his concern for his son’s well-being.

“If you want your life, how do you keep drinking alcohol; waking up every morning crying about a hangover… what are you looking for?” The emotional appeal was born from a place of genuine love and fear for Jose’s health.

The plea comes in the wake of Jose Chameleone’s recent health scare when he was admitted to a U.S. hospital due to stomach complications.

Chameleone’s medical journey has been marked by a series of health challenges, tracing back to as early as 2015 when reports of stomach complications emerged.

His health woes escalated in January 2021 when he faced a critical hospitalization.

In August 2021, he found himself admitted to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.

During this time, his wife Daniella Atim disclosed that he was grappling with an ailment caused by H. pylori, a bacterial infection that targets the stomach.

His public announcement seeking prayers for his recovery prompted his father to issue a stern reminder about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, emphasizing the importance of taking care of one’s health.

During the heartfelt speech, Mzee Mayanja also highlighted the future implications of Jose’s choices on his family, particularly his own grandchildren.

“I now have a 22-year-old grandchild. I also have an 18-year-old, a 17-year-old, and a 15-year-old. I am not sure if any of you will live to see that. But if you want to see your grandkids like me, you have to stop drinking,” he earnestly expressed.

During his graduation, Chameleone, became emotional as he addressed the graduands, urging them to harness the power of their degrees responsibly.