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Actress Kalaja apologises to P-Funk Majani in front of her daughter Paula

Popular Bongo movie actress, Frida Kajala Masanja, has apologised to her baby daddy and producer, P-Funk Majani, during a heart-warming meeting to reveal the sex of their grandchild, Paula Kajala’s baby.

Kajala and Majani’s relationship has been publicly tumultuous in the past.

However, the pair reunited for their daughter Paula’s gender reveal party, where they celebrated the joyous occasion alongside singer Marioo, who is expecting a child with Paula.

The event was graced by Majani and his wife Samira, who offered words of wisdom to the expectant couple.

Majani stressed the importance of shielding their child from excessive limelight and encouraged them to raise their child as a normal child.

“I wish you all the best as you embark on this journey of parenthood. Raising Paula and our other daughters has taught me the importance of strength and setting a good example. I urge you to raise your child away from the spotlight and be patient with each other,” Majani advised.

Taking the opportunity to speak, Kajala expressed her remorse and gratitude to Majani, acknowledging his constant presence in her daughter Paula’s life.

“There have been mistakes on my part and I had to apologise to make sure our daughter is well. We share a bond and love each other’s company. When there are problems, I communicate with Samira for Paula’s sake,” Kajala said.

She continued, “I apologise for any pain I may have caused you in the past. I appreciate you and you are a wonderful father”.

Reflecting on the news of her pregnancy, Paula revealed her father’s initial reaction.

“He was surprised when I told him the news of my pregnancy. However, he has come around and is excited about becoming a grandfather. It’s a natural reaction for any parent,” she said.