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‘I have spent all my savings,’ Jackie Matubia emotionally recounts journey behind ‘Toxic’ series

Actress Jackie Matubia couldn’t hold back her tears as she shared the emotional journey behind the making of her much-anticipated web series ‘Toxic’.

Speaking to journalists, Matubia revealed that she invested all her savings into producing the groundbreaking show, which is the first web series of its kind in Kenya.

“I put all my money into this project without any sponsorship, just out of my own pocket. As a single mother juggling the responsibilities of raising children and paying bills, there were moments when I questioned whether this was the right path. But if something feels like a calling, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else,” said Matubia.

She went on to thank her team for their belief in her vision.

“The team I worked with could have charged me their regular rates, which I couldn’t afford. But they agreed to work within my budget,” she added emotionally.

Overwhelmed by the success of the show, Matubia proudly shared that she is the first Kenyan woman to put up a billboard without sponsorship, a testament to her determination and passion.

As an artist and storyteller, Matubia made it clear that ‘Toxic’ wasn’t inspired by her personal life.

“Every artist dreams of creating something meaningful. While some doubted my vision, I believed in it,” she said.

When asked about her personal life and the possibility of marriage, Matubia insisted that being a single mother isn’t a unique story.

“My story isn’t the first of its kind. We should focus on telling authentic Kenyan stories,” she said.

The star-studded launch of ‘Toxic’ was attended by the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry.

Matubia also paid tribute to the late actor Charles Ouda, revealing his instrumental role in shaping the project.

“Charles wrote the first three episodes of ‘Toxic’ and sent me the third episode on the day he died,” she said tearfully.

“It took me a while to open the third episode. He sent it in the morning, we met for lunch and he died that night,” Matubia said.