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Hamjui swag? Celeb stylist Brian Babu puzzled by stares on Nairobi streets

Celebrity stylist Brian Babu has shared his surprise at the overwhelming attention he received from Nairobians as he walked around the city.

The renowned stylist said he felt uncomfortable when he noticed that people were constantly staring at him as he walked through the streets of the city.

Dressed in a bright yellow ensemble paired with black trainers and cheerful socks, Babu couldn’t help but wonder if Kenyans don’t understand fashion.

Wearing high-waisted mustard cargo pants with a tucked-in T-shirt, he completed his look with a stylish godfather hat.

“Let me tell you, I walked around town in that outfit and people couldn’t stop staring at me. Nairobians, haven’t you ever seen someone well dressed? Do you not see stylish people often? You just stare, don’t you ever go out? Brian Babu asked.


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Brian Babu is an acclaimed and award-winning stylist with years of experience working with Kenya’s top celebrities.

During the Blankets and Wine event in 2023, he spoke to Nairobi News about the key to staying relevant in the industry.

“Over a period of time, you build confidence by understanding the artist and also building a good relationship with them,” Brian shared.

“It is trust that is built over time. It is hard, but it all depends on how much time you put into something and how much research you do.”

Brian also highlighted the importance of working with designers, emphasising the role of research in creating styles that are both timeless and evolving.

Babu has worked with some of the biggest names in Kenya, designing looks for media personality Janet Mbugua, actor Nick Mutuma, the couple Nameless and Wahu, Fena Gitu, Sauti Sol and many more.

Brian says his dream is to dress global icon Beyoncé.

On a parting note, Babu advised Nairobi News readers to find what brings them happiness in their dress code.