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Tileh Pacbro: Treat your wife like every day is a date

Content creator, Tileh Pacbro recently dropped a bombshell of advice that has tongues wagging and hearts fluttering across social media.

In a response to a post on TikTok, Tileh Pacbro laid down the law on how men should treat their wives, saying, “Date her every day, even when you’re mad, even when you feel lost, even when things aren’t going to plan, separate how you treat her from everything else. Let that be independent”.

With just a few sentences, Tileh Pacbro shattered conventional relationship norms and set a new standard for romance.

Fans and followers alike are praising Tileh for his profound insight into the complexities of relationships.

But amidst the applause and admiration, there’s also a whiff of controversy.

Some sceptics question whether Tileh’s advice is practical in the real world, while others wonder if it’s just another fleeting trend in the fickle landscape of social media.

Tileh Pacbro is married to Caucasian beauty and dance influencer Martina Glez, with whom she has a son.

Some time ago, the mother of one revealed in an interview with Nairobi News that her marriage came at a time when she and her husband least expected it, but they went through with it due to the challenging circumstances at the time.

Glez revealed that it was when she became pregnant that she and Tileh decided to get married and settle down.

“The baby was not planned, so when it came and I really wanted to go back to Spain and be with my family. So before we went back to Spain, we decided to get married because that way Tileh would have more rights as a Kenyan going to Spain,” said Glez.

She went on to reveal that they would not have tied the knot so soon had it not been for her early pregnancy, but they have no regrets.

“So we got married and then we had the baby. We probably would not have gotten married so soon without our son, but we are happy with the decision because it was for both of us and our son,” she said.

Glez also said that their relationship was serious and based on true love, which is why she was relieved that the Kenyan dancer’s pregnancy came about.

“The good thing is that we were not just dating to pass the time. We were already in love. In fact, when we found out I was pregnant, I was so relieved that it was with him. I have dated before and I would have died if it was with any of them, but with Tileh it was a shock, yes, but I was glad it was with him,” she said.

Talking about parenthood, Glez revealed that the journey as young parents has been challenging but they have managed to come through it together as a couple.

“Parenthood has not been easy, but with Tileh we have overcome the challenges we have faced in our marriage and as parents. There’s a lot that happens, which is normal, but we’ve always found a way to deal with it together,” she said.