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Aisha Jumwa cabinet position is a joke, Edwin Sifuna says

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has questioned competency of the newly-appointed Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action, Aisha Jumwa.

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday morning, Sifuna said the former Malindi MP is not competent or suitable for any position in public service.

“If you are looking for a woman in the Coast who can be able to do a job really you are telling the people of the Coast even those in Kenya Kwanza that Aisha Jumwa is the best bet for that position or any position in public service? It’s a big joke!” Sifuna said.

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“She is simply not competent or suitable for any position in public service and that is just an objective view. It has nothing to do with the criminal cases because we know who she is. She is not competent at all,” he added.

Sifuna also suggested that suitability of heads of public service could be arrived at objectively if people had honest discussions.

“I have argued that in fact you can have personal integrity and be competent for position but not suitable for the position,” he said.

The Senator noted that in the absence of personal integrity there is no need to inquire whether one is competent or suitable for a position, adding that there are people who are openly incompetent and cannot fit in any position whatsoever.

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“Someone like Prof Kithure Kindiki. Is he suitable and competent for any position in government? One would say yes without thinking but there are other names, those people are not suitable for cabinet,” Sifuna said.

Taking a swipe at President William Ruto, Sifuna, the Secretary General Azimio la Umoja, said the head of state is not keen on making sure his agenda works.

“That president would avail himself of all the talent that is available to him in the country irrespective of their political persuasion, and you can be sure this president does not think like that,” he explained.

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