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Why old fashion biker shorts are making a debut, thanks to Aisha Jumwa

Kenyans are still admiring the dressing style of the former Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa after she stepped out on biker shorts.

The former legislator is known for her lavish dressing code and has been leaving Kenyans speechless during the political campaign rallies.

She posted her photos on social media accounts while wearing biker shorts as she celebrated the win of President William Ruto.

“Twende tujenge nchi in this new political dispensation under President-Elect William Ruto. Mwanzo Mpya, #BoreshaMaishaNaAisha,” she said.

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However, the biker short fashion is not new, it first appeared in the 1980s and is making its way back.

Apart from Aisha Jumwa, the fashion accessory has been embraced by fashion icons and celebrities who wore biker shorts from the gym to the Oscars award events.

The biker shorts, also known as “cycling shorts,” were first introduced to cyclists so they could hide the marks developed on their legs after sitting on the bike seat for a long period of time.

Princess Diana, who is the queen of biker shorts adopted the trend which is still on the market to date.

Princess Diana’s outfits consisted of colourful biker shorts, oversized sweatshirts, chunky sneakers, and crew socks.

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Her style sparked many other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna to dress the same and turn the 80s into a biker shorts fashion revolution.

Apart from Princess Diana, other fashion icons such as the Kardashians, Emily Ratajkowski, and the Hadid sisters have been seen rocking biker shorts.

Recently, Aisha Jumwa lost her bid to seek the Kilifi County governorship on the United Democratic Alliance ticket.

The seat was won by the Azimio candidate Wycliffe Mungaro, hence taking over from the former governor Amason Kingi who had served his two terms.

Kingi was elected on Thursday as the Senate Speaker in a setting that was boycotted by the Azimio Senators.

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