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Akothee: Why I prefer Europe to Kenya

Singer Akothee now says she prefers to live in Europe rather than Kenya. The mother of five is currently in France where she is visiting her daughter Fancy Makadamia who schools there.

Akothee, who is also due for concert tour, said in Europe she can walk freely without the fear of being confronted by fans. In Europe she is able to walk into a restaurant and be attended to like any other person.

“The freedom and the fresh air I have missed. Fame has taken away my space, I feel suffocated in Kenya, sometimes I want to walk like this in CBD with No security no company , I am tired of having people around me; you have no idea how this feels,” she said.

Earlier this year, the songbird recounted how she once almost fought with a fan who secretly filmed her while she was shopping with her family.

“I regret the day I became famous,” she said in a previous interview.

“Even with my neck support and funny face, some people would still insist on a selfie? Eeee Is this really love ama ni kitu sijui (or is there something I do not know)? Sometimes I’m in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos please!”

The singer also claimed that some will not say hi to her in public but will immediately pull out a phone and start recording her.