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Akothee: Why you should ‘investigate’ your man before marriage

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has encouraged her fans to investigate their men before committing to them. 

She made the statement in response to a rather concerned fan who commented on one of her posts asking her to be careful with the man she chose to settle with as many men target single mothers and their vulnerability. 

“Just be careful Akothee. Some men target single mothers and their vulnerability. Hope you did his background check,” read the fan’s comment. 

Not raffled by the fan’s statement, Akothee warmly welcomed the concern and hastily concurred with her adding that indeed there are men who have ulterior motives when they source out single mothers. 

“Some men target single mothers and rich women, it’s true. Let them do a background check before. Good advice” read Akothee’s response. 

The mother of five went on to state that in her case she can’t do much about it at the moment as she is already married. She emphasized that the rest will be sorted out much later. 

“Mimi nishaolewa. Mengine itupate mbele. Thanks for the advice,” she wrote. 

Akothee recently tied the knot a glitzy occasion that may yet go down as the wedding of the year, having been graced by the who is who in the entertainment and political scene. 

The ceremony, nonetheless, did not kill the controversy that has surrounded her partner, Denis Schweizer aka Omondi, which has been the talk of the town in many social circles.

His background and how the two met has remained mysterious with the first controversy having been sparked by a Mombasa woman, known only as Lucy, who claims she is the one who first introduced him to Akothee before the two eloped and left her high and dry.

However, despite both of them denying the claim and instead asserting that they met through a mutual friend while she was in France on her way to Italy, there is photographic evidence of Lucy and Schweizer in Kenya together in 2019, when their tour organized by Bonfire Adventures. 

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