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Alai roasted online by furious residents’ association members

Blogger Robert Alai has run into trouble with members of a residents’ association which he chairs resulting in him being branded a ‘cry baby’.

Alai, who is the chairman of the Nyayo Estate Residents Association (NERA), had been tagged to a conversation on construction going on within the estate without consultation of residents.

It all started with a resident who tagged Alai while stating that if he was the chair and was following the discussion quietly as opposed to acting then the residents were doomed.

Alai quickly replied by asking him if he had paid Nera Welfare dues to demand for any action from the association’s leadership.

The rebuttal continued with the resident claiming that Alai is a ‘cry baby’ who banks welfare monies for his daily expenditures.

Other residents quickly joined in the conversation calling out their chairman for not prioritizing Nera dues.

Some noted that Alai had in the past penned a resignation letter on the online platform and that residents should demand for a fresh election.


The residents’ association has in the past been accused of ignoring the welfare of those living in Nyayo estate giving an opportunity to unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage and set up different premises without consulting.

The constructions going on within the estates are reported to be for network masts and the residents are worried that the masts might adversely affect their health.

One resident wrote, “Why have a mast just outside people’s bedrooms??? Do people in that court 288 know the dangers of this??? Were they consulted?? Middle class Kenyans it’s time you did more than just talk!”

Another lamented how the sections had trees planted in them to beautify the estate and provide a better environment.

“When I remember how twice I have driven to the forestry station to but trees to plant in these spaces, with my own money, and how together with other residents we have spent our March and April Saturdays planting trees while we could have been in our beds and rurashios for our relatives, and then I see this, I want to hit something. Or someone,” the resident wrote.