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Ali Mukhwana: I lost Sh1.5m over Rose Muhando’s no-show in Bungoma

By Sinda Matiko December 12th, 2023 2 min read

The saga between Kenyan gospel artist Ali Mukhwana and Tanzanian gospel sensation Rose Muhando continues to unravel, with Mukhwana now revealing new details of the alleged financial losses incurred after Muhando’s purported failure to honor a concert in Bungoma.

Days after Muhando responded to accusations of not showing up for a Bungoma concert despite being paid Sh200,000, Mukhwana is back with additional revelations. According to Mukhwana, the losses incurred now amount to a staggering Sh1.5 million.

Last week, Mukhwana disclosed that he had contacted Muhando on behalf of Pastor Alex Luamba, who sought her services as the guest artist for a three-day crusade in Bungoma.

Muhando allegedly demanded a performance fee of Sh200,000, which Pastor Luamba agreed to pay.

However, Mukhwana claims they later discovered that Muhando was scheduled for another show in Soi on the same day she was supposed to perform in Bungoma.

When Mukhwana sought clarification, Muhando assured him that there was no cause for concern and blamed the pastor in Soi for using her photos on their posters without permission.

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On the day of the show, Muhando allegedly informed Mukhwana that she couldn’t make it due to boils in her private parts.

However, Muhando later appeared in Nairobi with a different pastor, denying allegations of swindling Mukhwana out of Sh200,000.

Instead, she asserted that she only received a Sh50,000 deposit, which she promptly returned when she realized she couldn’t attend.

Mukhwana questions the timing of Muhando’s deposit return, saying, “I contacted Muhando on  November 5, and on November 6, the deposit of Sh50,000 was sent to her. Why did she withhold the money all this while until November 24, the day of the concert, to return it if all along she knew she wasn’t coming to Bungoma? What was the point?”

Expressing disappointment, Mukhwana revealed, “We had organized a very special crusade befitting Rose Muhando’s stature as a celebrated gospel musician. We had even booked her into a nice cozy hotel. The pastor tells me he invested Sh1.5 million to put up the crusade in anticipation of Muhando. What difference would it make returning the Sh50,000 deposit on the day of the show?”

Mukhwana, forced to go public with the matter, claims Pastor Luamba accused him of colluding with Muhando to swindle money.

The gospel singer also faced disgruntled congregants demanding answers during the crusade upon realising Muhando had allegedly stood them up.