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All About Eunice Njeri’s secret wedding

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri has revealed how she found new love, got married and welcomed her first child. All this after her failed 24-hours-long marriage in 2016.

“So in other news, 2019…met Mr. Muthii❤️, 2021 married him, 2022 blessed with a bouncing baby boy!!! Glory to God!! Haaya! As you were😀😀”

Eunice Njeri with hubby Mr Muthii
Eunice Njeri with hubby Mr Muthii

Claiming that a medical condition forced her to hurriedly get married to Issac Bukasa alias Izzo, the Unatosha hitmaker said, “I had fibroids. Bleeding a lot and at the same time I thought I should get married.”

The two love birds announced their engagement in September 19, 2016, via Instagram and two months later, they invited friends and family for their wedding at Neema Gospel Church in Texas where Izzo’s family lives with photos of the ceremony being shared online by those who attended.

The marriage however ended barely 24 hours after they had tied a knot, a shameful divorce that was wrapped in secrecy by friends and family.

A few months later, Njeri took to her Instagram to finally break the news of how the marriage ended on the day of the wedding. She explained that her heart was somewhere else (not in the United States) and that place was Kenya.

She immediately left the States to return home and in an interview, the songbird admitted that the marriage was rushed, Njeri who successfully underwent the fibroids surgery said, “Confusion made me rush into decisions I wouldn’t have made.”

Since coming back, Njeri kept her love life under wraps while continuing with her ministry works.