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All about First Lady Rachel Ruto’s Sh375k pro bike

On June 6, 2023, First Lady Rachel Ruto cycled to the United Nations Habitat Assembly in Gigiri from State House Nairobi to attend a meeting.

Keen Kenyans also noted that the bike she rode to Gigiri was a professional bike, prompting Nairobi News to check out its specifications.

According to Bicycling, the bike Rachel Ruto rode is a New Trek Emonda which is faster than ever. It is a professional race bike and there are 10 models of it.

The cheapest price for this SL Model bike has a price range of between Sh375,161 and Sh931,000 and comes with aerodynamic shaping and features.

This model has a new carbon fiber composite that makes it 30% stronger than Trek’s previous top-of-the-line carbon.

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The new Emonda has less drag reduction, an adjustable easy-to-use saddle clamp which is adjustable, lightweight wheels which are sleek and stable, wide stance T47 bottom brackets and a built-in chain watcher that prevents unwanted derailments.

A source told Nairobi News that Ms Ruto has three of these bikes.

An advocate for cycling, the First Lady and her team of cyclists arrived at the Assembly to celebrate the launch of the Global Alliance of Cities for Road Safety which also promotes safe cycling and sustainable transportation.

“I love to cycle,” Ms Ruto said.

“Let me tell you, every time I cycle, it takes me back to Kakamega when I was a little girl who would ride down the dusty roads with her friends, sharing the few bicycles we had.

We would use our bare feet as brakes and it was worth it. Those remain some of my happiest memories. It doesn’t matter how many times I fell, but the joy it gave me was undeniable,” she told delegates”

“Whenever my mother would send me to the market, I would take my bicycle and dash with speed and on my way back, I would pass by my grandparents’ house, take some mursik [traditional milk] without being late thanks to my bicycle.”

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The First Lady added that, as a mother, it was amazing to her how the first gift every parent wants to give to their child is a small tricycle.

She fondly pointed out, “We are always so proud when we see them cycling without any help. In fact, it comes naturally to most of us, regardless of our age and gender.”

“Let us cultivate mutual respect between cyclists and motorists. Too many lives have been lost on our roads; this must come to an end. It is time to nurture a culture where we care about each other as road users. Let us make our roads safer for everyone,” said Ms Ruto.

She went on, “Today we celebrate the launch of the Global Alliance of Cities for Road Safety to promote safe cycling and sustainable transport. As we ride through our memories and experiences, let’s promote respect between drivers and cyclists.

Together we can create a society that values sustainable transport, promotes equality and builds a safer future. I am happy to have participated in this morning’s cycle ride from State House to the UN in Gigiri for the UN-Habitat Assembly.”

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