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Check out Mama Rachel Ruto’s Prada shoe taste

They say a girl’s best friend is a cute pair of designer shoes, and Kenya’s First Lady Rachel Ruto ascribes to that adage.

Mama Rachel has always been intentional with her fashion choices and has stood out in various functions following her classy taste in clothes.

She has proven that every woman should wear well-designed African attire. And she has shown up in African garb, looking majestic.

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Away from her African-designed garb, Mama Rachel has also proven shoes maketh a woman. She displays a keen sense of fashion, specifically in the footwear.

While meeting with Bobby Thomas, and Amar Kantaria of Prime Bank, to discuss strategies to ensure women and girls have the financial means to contribute to nation-building, Kenya’s first lady showed up with her best foot forward.

Mama Rachel wore jet-black suede Prada pumps worth Sh114,561.25. These suede pumps have a refined pointy-toe silhouette, and stiletto heels express timeless elegance.

Mama Rachel Ruto's Prada heels.
Mama Rachel Ruto’s Prada heels. PHOTO| COURTESY

The shoe is embellished with a metal lettering logo on the leather sole.

The elegant shoes complimented her red dress suit giving off an elegant and regal statue.

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Shoes wield a significant influence over our physical and social surroundings, enabling us to navigate and interact with the world around us. They exert control over the way we move and experience the environment.

In a past interview, Mama Rachel revealed that President William Ruto once struggled financially to the point where he could not afford shoes or Christmas clothes.

Despite this, she believes that through the guidance of God, he has risen to become the successful individual he is today.

She also narrated how he had plans to buy the latest jeans, back when he was a young lad, armed with Sh8. He went to the market looking for trendy jeans.

He did not find what he was looking for.

Then, the next day, a Sunday, the prepubescent Dr Ruto went to church, giving the Sh 8 – his entire savings for buying the trendy jeans – as an offering in church.

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