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Street preachers warn of Nairobi earthquake

Two American preachers on Monday joined street preacher Jemimah Njeri to sensationally warn of a looming earthquake that will rock Nairobi city centre.

“God told me to tell Kenyans that Nairobi awaits a great earthquake that will cause many buildings to collapse and a great tsunami that will sweep away Mombasa, ” said the self-styled Prophetess Norris.

The street preachers claimed the city has grieved God and that He had sent them to preach repentance.

They were speaking to evening commuters in front of the Ambassador hotel.

They said Nairobi preachers had elevated themselves to god-like status, something that God is not happy with.

Ms Jemimah Njeri, a regular preaching figure on the city’s streets known for her trademark deep voice, said she fears for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

She warned that if the President does not repent and lead the country in a Godly manner, he will face God’s judgment.

She claimed God had sent her with eleven letters which touched on on Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency as well as a message to Kenyans.

“People have called me a mad woman, but I will preach without fear and tell you if Uhuru Kenyatta will not repent God will punish him or even kill him,” Ms Njeri said.

Backed by Ms Norris, who spoke Spanish but helped in translation by her husband, they said Nairobi needs repentance.

Ms Norris said God had sent her to Kenya like “prophet Amos to preach against the corrupt worship in Kenya’s churches.”

“God is against the seed planting in many of the churches in Nairobi. And if the pastors will not repent, God is going to deal with them,” she said.