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Anastacia Mukabwa transforms into Anastacia Kakii: Why the name change!

Anastacia Mukabwa, who is set to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary in December, made a significant announcement. She has chosen to rebrand herself as Anastacia Kakii.

She was the guest on Citizen TV’s Rauka show where she shared insights into her joyous married life and the profound influence of marriage on her ministry.

Gospel singer Anastacia Mukabwa and the groom, Mr Kakii, during their star-studded wedding ceremony. PHOTO | COURTESY

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In a candid and heartfelt interview on Sunday morning, gospel sensation Anastacia Mukabwa, who recently rebranded herself as Anastacia Kakii, opened up about her blissful married life and the profound impact of marriage on her ministry.

The talented artist, who tied the knot with her husband a year ago, has now officially changed her name to include her beloved partner, marking the next chapter in her life both personally and professionally.

In a candid revelation, Anastacia spoke of the sheer joy that married life has brought her, saying, “You guys, if you are out there and you are not married, just know that life is sweet.”

Sharing her views on marriage and its significance in her ministry, Anastacia emphasised that marriage is a sacred covenant between her and her spouse.

She believes that it adds depth and authenticity to her message, making her more relatable to her audience.

“Marriage to me is a covenant between me and my partner, and in the ministry, it has added value to my message. Let me be honest; I faced some challenges in the ministry when I was single. Some pastors and their wives treated me with suspicion. But when they found out I was married, the respect and opportunities to speak at conferences increased,” Anastacia explained.

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She also emphasised the importance of choosing the right partner, advising, “Two is better than one. Before getting married, make sure you know who you are marrying. Don’t ignore red flags; if it’s not working, let it go. Compromising will only lead to trouble.”

Anastacia further touched on the significance of patience and divine timing in her life. She shared a personal story of enduring a 9-year wait for God’s plan to unfold. After a failed marriage of 19 years, she waited patiently, focusing on her relationship with God. In the end, her faith was rewarded, and she found love with a man from America.

“When you’re waiting on God, serve Him faithfully, and keep a good heart. Don’t generalise and say all men are the same. Blessings come to those who stay positive and patient,” she advised.

Anastacia concluded by expressing her gratitude for the journey she has been on, revealing that she has a new song titled “Team Jesus,” symbolising her commitment to her faith and her ever-evolving music career.

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