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Another breakup? Comedian Terence and Milly Chebby unfollow each other on IG

In the world of social media, where followers and likes often dictate the narrative, the sudden act of unfollowing public figures can send ripples of speculation across the internet.

Such is the case with comedian Terence and his wife Milly Chebby, whose recent decision to unfollow each other on Instagram has sparked curiosity among their fans.

Returning from a celebratory trip to South Africa, where they toasted Milly Chebby’s birthday, the couple’s social media activity has taken a perplexing turn.

As eagle-eyed followers noticed the absence of mutual follows, questions began to swirl regarding the state of their relationship.

Yet amidst the online chatter, Terence steered the conversation in a different direction telling them to watch their recent show.

“Visit for more,” he wrote.

Celebrities, like anyone else, may unfollow their spouses on social media platforms for various reasons.

Here are a few possible reasons why celebrities may choose to unfollow their spouses:

Privacy and Personal Space:

Celebrities often lead highly public lives, and they may value privacy and personal space.

Unfollowing their spouse can be a way to maintain a level of separation between their personal and public lives.

Relationship Troubles:

Like any relationship, celebrities’ marriages can face challenges and difficulties. Unfollowing a spouse on social media may be a reflection of underlying relationship issues or a desire to create distance during a difficult period.

Managing Public Perception:

Celebrities are subject to public scrutiny, and their actions on social media can be analyzed and interpreted by the media and fans. Unfollowing a spouse may be a strategic move to avoid speculation or rumors about their relationship.

Personal Preferences:

Sometimes, celebrities simply have personal preferences when it comes to social media. They may choose to curate their online presence in a particular way and unfollowing their spouse could be a part of that strategy.

Each celebrity’s situation may be unique in how they navigate the complexities of relationships and social media in their way.

Other Kenyan celebrity couples who have chosen not to follow each other on social media include King Kaka and Nana Owiti, Jackie Matubia, and Blessing Lung’aho, Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo, plus DJ Mo and Size 8.

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