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Shaffie Weru’s daughter, 18, receives marriage proposal

Media personality Shaffie Weru has shared his apprehension after his 18-year-old daughter, Milan, received a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking on KTN’s Art Of Living show, Shaffie opened up about his family life and the challenges he faces as a parent.

Milan is the firstborn daughter of Shaffie, whom he shares with singer Debbie Asila.

Asila relocated to the US in 2015, following a brief romantic relationship with Shaffie

Shaffie known for his charismatic persona in the media industry, spoke fondly of his children, emphasizing that they are the driving force behind his hard work.

He reflected on the countless photos of his children adorning the walls of his home, illustrating the deep bond he shares with them.

Expressing his concern over Milan’s proposal, Shaffie admitted to feeling apprehensive about his daughter’s future.

“My daughter is 18 years old, and on Valentine’s Day, she got proposed to. It’s what it is, but I am afraid,” he confessed.

“I have broken so many girls’ hearts. She is in University. My kids are where I live. She can vote, she is an adult. I just hope that life will not be unfair to her because I have been through a lot.”

Reflecting on his journey, Shaffie shared insights into his relationships and the challenges he has faced.

“For 15 years, I lived with women. All the prime jobs I was in in my younger days did not allow me to be a committed man that I would have been in the relationships that I had at that time,” he disclosed.

Despite his experiences, Shaffie remains uncertain about committing to a serious relationship.

“If it comes, it comes. It is not wrong to marry many wives, but just give each of them equal responsibility,” he stated.

“I have not gone on a date with any woman for 10 years. I have gone for a movie or two, but dates, no. That also does not mean I have not dated for 10 years.”

Shaffie also expressed gratitude for his close circle of friends and family who have supported him through various challenges.

“The people I love are the ones who remind me that life is beyond being in the spotlight. Anything can happen. I lost my job, and if I didn’t have a really strong support system and people who stood by me, things could be really tough,” he said.

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